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Unaddressed Risks: Is your Safety Management the Main Problem?



In today's dynamic environment, with an increasing number and complexity of workplace risks, traditional safety management - through Excel spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, or different systems for specific types of risks - has become obsolete and risky.


Traditional and/or segmented methods are no longer sufficient; it's time to face reality.


The Problem with Traditional Methods:


The dispersion of information in various formats and locations complicates the tracking of preventive actions. Emails get lost, Excel sheets become outdated, phone calls leave no clear records, and monitoring multiple actions across different systems is confusing and impractical.


This fragmentation reduces efficiency and increases the risk of serious errors.


The Lack of Unified Alerts:


The absence of an effective and unified alert system is a significant problem. The lack of adequate alerts often leads to security incidents due to late reactions, and alerts in various formats only add confusion, diverting focus from what's truly important: safety.


The Integrated Solution:


An integrated platform for managing workplace risks offers a coherent and unified solution. This capability to handle a variety of situations and risks is crucial for effective integrated management.


With an integrated platform, you achieve:


  • Comprehensive Vision: Centralization of all risk prevention actions, providing an updated and unified view.

  • Improved Communication and Tracking: Eliminating the need to search through outdated emails or Excel files.

  • Standardized Alerts: A coherent alert system that prioritizes the most critical tasks.

  • Efficiency and Precision in Risk Management: Detailed and accurate tracking of actions.

  • A Single Place for Pending Actions: Allows workers to see all their pending actions in one place, avoiding the risk of missing any important action and focusing on what's most relevant.

  • Integrated Analysis and Reporting: Advanced tools for data analysis, visualizing the status of actions, main delays, responsible parties, and the efficiency and commitment in executing them.



Adopting an integrated solution is a necessary change for more effective and proactive safety management. Moving away from outdated methods to a unified and modern system is crucial to ensuring a safe work environment and efficiently responding to the challenges of workplace safety.


If you need to leave traditional methods behind to truly face current challenges, Wiiprot is here to help.



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