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We help achieve significant improvements in prevention

We are Wiixt

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Traditional risk prevention schemes are no longer sufficient. The business requires that you be better, that the risks are minimal or negligible, and that you lead change within your organization to achieve these objectives. 

At the same time, regulations are becoming stricter and the risks are increasing.... The pressure is constantly increasing from all angles...

As experts in occupational risk prevention technology, we know what you face and we are committed to offering you solutions that allow you to prevent risks in a faster, simpler and more efficient way, thus achieving a positive impact on your business.

Chosen by leading companies in their segments in different countries, Wiixt focuses on helping organizations work towards a safer future for everyone. Achieve it with Wiixt as a strategic partner by your side.

The values that guide us

Wiixt is chosen by leading organizations because our daily actions seek to achieve the security and success of our customers. 

Leadership Team

Partner Program

The Wiixt Partner Program was created to complement the company's global growth and scale the ability to provide more services. Our partners have a deep understanding of the industry, our products and how to provide services to help our mutual clients reduce risks in an increasingly simple, efficient and faster way.

Strategic partners

Wiixt works with recognized Strategic Partners within their areas of specialty, providing value within our Occupational Risk Prevention solutions.

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Technology Partners

Our platform uses the best and most modern technology. We pride ourselves on choosing the most secure, scalable, and proven technical resources 

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Regional Partners

Our regional partners  are recognized in their specific geography as subject matter and regulatory experts in the delivery of Occupational Risk Prevention solutions.

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Content Partners

Wiixt works with recognized content providers focused on the prevention of occupational risks, benefiting our clients with immediate access to training and/or regulatory information.


Be part of our growth

At Wiixt we pride ourselves on our values-based, performance-oriented, dynamic and growth-focused culture. The leadership team strives to create a meaningful work experience for employees through challenging work projects, development opportunities, and employee recognition.

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