Plataform Pillars


Ensure your people are aware of Safety & Health requirements by reaching them through innovative & engaging media



A great variety of tools to allow an effective management of  your EHS daily processes and taks.


Have an holistic view of Safety & Health, easily identifying your Company's performance and improvement areas


We offer you the required support to let the platform adapt to your needs


Access to platform upgrades throughout service period


How it works

Cloud based

Wiiprot is an "always-on" cloud based service.

Your Team (or even Contractors) can access to it from smartphones, tablets or PCs.

Anytime. Anywhere.


Wiiprot is carefully designed to be intuitively used, in order to easily guide your team in preventive or corrective Safety & Health actions. Don't rely on your Team memory to precisely follow each step of all your processes. Let Wiiprot guide them "to do the right thing".


Wiiprot uses state-of-the-art tools for Safety & Health  awareness, management and analytics. It is an ecosystem in constant evolution where any advanced feature launched for any Client can be immediately available for any other.

Flexible. Adaptable

Wiiprot can be adapted to client needs almost overnight. It can even be configured  to be applicable for other needs such as Quality processes, Environmental control, or even Wellness. Some of these areas go together in several Companies, so we designed wiiprot with that built-in capability since its inception.


Why wiiprot?

Is it difficult for your Team to remember or follow S&H procedures?

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