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Why Digitize Work Permits?

Digitizing work permits offers a range of significant benefits that enhance efficiency and safety in the workplace. Here are some of the most prominent benefits:


Digital permits can be accessed at any time and place through electronic devices, facilitating the review and update of the information contained in the permit. It even facilitates the capture of images and instant communication from the same work site, to provide clear proof that the work has been completed correctly.

Improved Efficiency:

The processing and issuance of digital permits are faster and more efficient compared to traditional methods, as it allows all individuals involved in each step of the work permit flow to be properly informed and proceed in a timely manner according to their role in the process.

Occupational Safety and Health:

Digitizing work permits is essential to ensure adequate safety and health conditions in the workplace. It ensures that all necessary individuals are informed, and that compliance with the minimum essential safety requirements is assured, both at the level of each individual and the condition of the workplace.

Quick Decision-Making:

Instant access to information improves control and visibility of planned and ongoing work, which in turn speeds up decision-making. It even allows for the immediate stopping of work in the face of an unsafe condition that forces such a situation, ensuring that all parties are aware of such an event at the moment it is identified.

Process Simplification:

It facilitates decision-making by allowing the linking of prevention and protection measures with the specific tasks to be carried out by the worker. Traditional work permit processes with extensive paper forms are complex to follow and usually unclear as to what each participant should do at each stage. Intelligent digitization allows each participant to be clear about the steps to follow and the points to control at each step of the permit.

Agility in Risk Management:

It allows for the definition and inspection of protection measures for high-risk work, improving coordination between collaborators and those responsible.

Compliance with Processes:

Digitizing work permits not only allows achieving all the aforementioned benefits but also ensures that the correct process is followed according to the type of work permit. It allows standardizing and centrally controlling the procedures of each permit, which is crucial for companies with multiple facilities that might follow different processes. A digital system facilitates the design and maintenance of all forms, workflows, reporting standards, and approval mechanisms, ensuring that risk control measures and management are applied correctly and efficiently.

In summary, the digitization of work permits, therefore, not only accelerates and simplifies processes but also contributes to a safer and well-regulated work environment.

If you need to know how Wiiprot can digitize the Work Permits of your company, contact us so we can offer solutions according to your needs


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